College Heights Christian School

Notices & Assignments

Notices & Announcements

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas break filled with Family, joy, happiness, peace and love. 
Language Arts
The Miracle Worker Play-  Unit
Essay- January
Acting- January
Movie- January
There will be a quiz every THURSDAY
December 5-9: Short Quiz every day. Operations with Decimals & Fractions worksheets.
Social Studies
Unit B, Section 3 Quiz, Thursday, Dec. 15
Physical Education
Come prepared for class!  Change your t-shirt and wear athletic shorts or pants.  Proper shoes must be worn.  Bring a water bottle to every class.  If you have the above in place you will not loose marks for changing out.

The following are the CUC Swim dates (2:00-3:00).  Swimming is a part of your PE grade and will not be excused.
January 19
February 9
March 22
April 19
May 10


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