College Heights Christian School

Grade 4
As we head into the last two weeks of school please note there are many events happening this week and students are still working diligently to complete their projects. This Thursday is our year end concert at 7 p.m. and then on Friday we have our presentations of Mathletics and Sports Day awards. 
This next week we will be continuing to learn about how light can be refracted and broken into colours. In math we will be continuing to learn about area and perimeter. We have been working on drawing house plans which students are really enjoying as they are able to create their own space.  Finally we will be working to finish reading the book A Gold Star for Eric.  Please note that students are to read chapters 11-12 this weekend for homework. 
Have a blessed Sabbath,
Charissa Hawes
Grade 4 Teacher
College Heights Christian School
Things to remember next week:
Tuesday- School Photo
Wednesday- Sports Day
Thursday- ALL library books due

** For your information.  Teacher user name for Raz-Kids is: chawes2



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