College Heights Christian School

Classroom Overview, Philosophy and Goals

Please read through the above Grade 5 & 6 “Journey To Excellence” parent handbook to learn about our classroom goals, school mission and philosophy of education and academic standards.  How homework will be utilized and Web publishing tools such as Edmodo will be utilized are also discussed in this handbook.  

Specialized Web accounts such as Mathletics, Spellodrome and Kids A-Z are also discussed as we continue to use these online accounts to improve learning here at CHCS.  There is even information about how I will handle classroom management.  
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Strategies & Skills Gained This Year


Through Edmodo, students will be keeping up with class discussions online through our private classroom wall.  They will learn how to leave positive online posts, that are relevant to the topics of discussion.  They will learn to use complete sentences when writing their posts, as their comments will not be approved unless they contain full sentence structures.  They will also gain conscientious skills as a student as they check up their assignments and grades as they are posted onto Edomodo.


Weather Data and Graphing

The students will use a shared Google Sheet to record their daily weather data. We will then collaborate our results to find class averages and produce graphs in math class to analyze the data and look good patterns. They will be gaining collaboration, graphing skills, along with interpretation and analysis skills.  


Wetlands Ecosystem Wiki

The students will each be in charge of a page of research during the study of wetlands ecosystems. They will research different wetlands and the interconnected diversity of life that is supported by that ecosystem. They will then be able to link to each other's pages when they share a connection.

They will be learning a new interconnected Web 2.0 form of technology where multiple users can work together to enter information onto a page.  They will learn to research, upload pictures and other media, they will learn how to enter data which will convert into hypertext as well as creating links between pages.

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