College Heights Christian School

Financial Information
ECS Fees                     -       $ 750.00  per year
Grades 1 - 6 Tuition    -       $1700.00  per year
Grades 7 - 9 Tuition    -       $1900.00  per year
See the Tuition tab of website.
Families of four or more students in ECS through Grade 9 will be charged tuition fees for the three highest grades only, plus class fund fees for each child.
A three percent discount will be given when tuition fees are paid in advance for a school year or semester. (See “Option 1" or “Option 2" above).
Technology is a mandatory component of our curriculum and since there is no government funding available to private schools for technology, this creates a major challenge. Therefore, in order to be able to budget more realistically for the on-going use and replacement of computers in the school, a Technology Fee is being implemented. The Technology Fee for all grades (ECS to Grade 9) is $50 per student, up to a maximum of $100 per family, payable in two payments, if desired. If payment is in two installments, it is due on Registration Day and January 31, 2007.
The Class Fund Fee for all grades (ECS to Gr. 9) is $60.00 per student and is due on Registration Day. It will be used in place of fundraising (ex: Regal, magazine sales, spices, chocolates, etc.) for the purpose of providing individual classroom funds. These funds are administered by the classroom teacher and will provide for field trips and other classroom activities for the students throughout the year. The Class Fund Fee is non-refundable. (See “Withdrawing Students”, page 7.)
The CHCS bus runs in the Town of Lacombe and Rosedale Valley areas only.   It will run on a bus pass system. No student will be admitted on the bus without having made one of the following prior arrangements (Option 1 or Option 2 arrangements should be made on Registration Day):
OPTION 1      For users who ride frequently/regularly to a maximum of 2 students/family:
·           ECS - $55.00 per student per semester (Aug. to Jan. and Feb. to Jun.)
·           Gr. 1-9 - $110.00 per student per semester (Aug. to Jan. and Feb. to Jun.) - approximately 61¢ per ride.
a)    Families with 2 or more children riding the bus will be charged semester bus pass fees for the two highest grades only. The rest ride free but each child must still obtain a bus pass.
 b)   This fee is a semester charge and will not be reduced or refunded if the student chooses not to ride the bus for any portion of the semester.
For example, if a student wishes to ride the school bus everyday beginning in August, the $55 or $110 fee must be paid in full on Registration Day.
However, if a student wishes to ride everyday beginning on November 1, for example, the $55 or $110 semester fee still applies.
c)     This pass must be presented to the bus driver at each boarding of the bus.
d)    Keeping this pass safe is the responsibility of the rider. A lost semester pass will be replaced by the school for a $5.00 cash fee.
OPTION 2      For users who ride regularly, but infrequently:
·           $25.00 bus pass good for 20 rides  ($1.25 per ride.)
 a)   This pass may not be charged to the school bill, but may be purchased in advance from the school office via cash, cheque, VISA, or MasterCard.
 b)   This pass must be presented to the bus driver at each boarding of the bus. The pass will be punched once for each time the child rides the bus.
 c)    Keeping this pass safe is the responsibility of the rider. A lost 20-ride pass will not be replaced by the school.
OPTION 3:     For the very occasional rider:
·           $2.00 single ride ticket
 a)   This ticket may not be charged to the school bill or paid the next day, but may be purchased in advance from the school office via cash or cheque.
 b)   The bus driver will not have tickets available for purchase on the bus.
1.       There will be a $20.00service charge” for each NSF cheque.
2.       The following “option fees” will be charged to your account during the school year and are due as they appear on your monthly statement:
a) Instrument Rent - Gr. 6 - 9
­   $5 per month for Gr. 6 students and $10 per month for Gr. 7, 8, & 9 students (See “Band”, page 7.)
­   instrument supplies are dependent on instrument
b) Home Ec - Sewing and Industrial Art Supplies -
Gr. 7 - 9
­   dependent on project
c) Home Ec - Foods - Gr. 7 - 9
­   $15.00 per year
d) Agenda Book (for homework) - Gr. 1 - 6
­   $7.00 each (See “Homework”, page 8.)
­   $2.00 each for Gr. 7 - 9 Handbook
e) Swimming - Gr. 1 - 6
­    Students participate in Red Cross Aquaquest swimming classes as part of their PE program. Each student will be charged $20.00 for this program and CHCS will subsidize the rest of the cost.
f)    Junior High “Outdoor Education” classes, when offered, will be doing various activities like cross-country skiing, backpacking, canoeing, etc. The charge for these activities will be a minimum of $25 per student.
3.     The following “miscellaneous fees” will not be charged to your account but are to be paid directly to the student’s home room teacher the first week of school:
a)    School Supplies (refer to Supply List) - Gr. 1 - 4
­   $4.00 to $7.00 (See “Supplies”, page 8.)
b) Outdoor School - Gr. 5, 6 & 9
­   Students participate in the Alberta Conference-wide Outdoor School. The Grade 9 Outdoor School is usually in the early fall and Grades 5 & 6 Outdoor School is in May or early June. There is an additional charge for this activity which lasts several days.
c)    Outdoor Education Rental Fees - Gr. 7 - 9
­   Some equipment is available for rent for Outdoor Education activities. These rental fees are to be paid directly to the student’s respective teacher at the time of the outing.
4.       A $50.00late registration fee” and/or a $50.00withdrawal fee” will be charged to cover administrative costs if a student enrolls after the first week of school and/or withdraws during the school year. (See “Late Registration”, page 6 and “Withdrawing Students”, page 7.)
5.       When a “library book/textbook” is lost or damaged, the student will be charged for the book’s replacement value or $10.00. These charges, plus any fines, must be paid before report cards will be released. (See “Report Cards”, page 7.)
6.       A $5.00padlock deposit fee” will be charged to students who use school locks for their lockers. This deposit is refundable when the lock is returned. (See “Lockers”, page 11.)
All prior accounts must be paid in full before a child will be accepted for the new school year.
CHCS realizes there are parents/guardians who wish to place their child(ren) in the school but hesitate to do so because of financial difficulties. Financial assistance may be available to families who complete the necessary Student Aid Request Form available in the school office. This request form for financial assistance must be completed and submitted along with an Application for Admission Form by June 30, 2006. The request will be reviewed by the CHCS Finance Committee and the College Heights S.D.A. Church Student Aid Committee for dispersal of available funds. All those applying for financial assistance must realize that there will be a financial commitment on their part to help cover a portion of the tuition and bus fees (if needed). All other fees are not included.
In order for a student to participate in graduation, all school fees/fines and tuition (according to the Financial Commitment payment option parents/guardians have chosen) must be paid in full.
Students enrolling after the first week of school pay the full class fund fee, plus the first month's tuition based on the number of school days attended in that month, plus a $50.00 late registration fee to cover administrative costs. A financial commitment, based on one of the payment options outlined on the Application for Admission form, must be made for the remainder of the school year. (See “Other Fees”, #4, page 6.)
Students who attend CHCS from out of province must pay the total yearly tuition fee plus class fund fee on registration day. Payment must be made by cash, certified cheque, Master Card or VISA imprints.
Any parent/guardian withdrawing a student from school before year end must notify the school office, in writing, of their intent and the student’s last day of school. Any student withdrawing from school before year end, but receiving a final grade, is expected to pay a full year's tuition.
Any student transferring to another school to complete the same grade will qualify for a tuition refund based on the number of school days attended in the month of withdrawal plus the remaining months in the school year. The Class Fund Fee is non-refundable. (See “Class Fund Fee”, page 5.)
If a student withdraws during the school year, a $50.00 withdrawal fee will be charged to cover administrative costs. Additional charges will be based on the consumable materials (workbooks, etc.) used. (See “Other Fees”, #4, page 6.)

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