College Heights Christian School

Academic Life
Through its philosophy, admission policies, curriculum, and facilities, CHCS strives to provide an optimal Christian learning environment for each student.
CHCS is a provincially certified ECS through Grade 9 school. In our school, religious studies are integrated with the provincially authorized curriculum as it is our goal to bring God into all aspects of student activity.
At the end of each trimester, the marks of each student in Grades 4 through 9 will be examined and those receiving an average of 85% and above, with no grade below a C, will have their names published on a school Honour Roll. Those maintaining an honour standing for at least two of the three trimesters and maintaining an 85% or higher average with no grade below a C, will receive an award at the end of the school year.
For Grades 4 to 9, the following grading system applies:

Excellent                               Above Average
A+ = 96-100%                                      B+ = 82-84%
A   = 90-95%                         B   = 78-81%
A- = 85-89%                         B- = 75-77%
Satisfactory                         Below Average
C+ = 70-74%                        D = 50-59%
C   = 65-69%                        Unsatisfactory
C- = 60-64%                        F = 0-49%
Report cards will be issued in November, March, and June. If information regarding the progress of a student is desired other than at these report times, please contact your child's teacher and he/she will be glad to make available the information you desire. All library book/textbook fines and charges must be paid in full before June report cards will be released. (See “Other Fees”, #5, page 6.)
CHCS is making use of an on-line school reporting system called RenWeb. Through RenWeb, parents can access information about their child(ren)’s homework, assignments, grades, and missing work at any time from anywhere they have access to the Internet. Students and parents can get immediate feedback regarding the student’s progress. RenWeb is fully functional in the Junior High grades and during this present year, grades 4 - 6 will implement its use as well. Families who do not have access to the Internet are welcome to come to the school to access information in our computer lab. Details for accessing RenWeb are available from the school office. Report cards are being prepared on RenWeb for all students in grades K - 9.
In order for a student at CHCS to be granted permission to take a grade 10 class at PAA, he/she must have achieved a minimum of an 85% grade average in the last full year of school and must maintain that standing in Grade 9 to continue at PAA.
In Grade 6, Band forms the basis of the music program, therefore it is mandatory for all students to participate. Those students who own or have access to an instrument of their own will be given first priority in choosing the instrument played in band class. Instruments may be rented from CHCS or parents/guardians can make arrangements for new or used rent-to-purchase instruments from a music store. The charge to rent an instrument, including percussion instruments, through CHCS is $5.00 per month for Grade 6 students, and $10.00 per month for Grades 7, 8 & 9 students. Students wishing to learn percussion will need to make arrangements through CHCS or a Music store to purchase drumsticks and a practice pad (approx. $35.00).   The cost of band supplies will vary dependant on the instrument and will be charged to your account. (See “Other Fees”, #2a), page 6.)

Regular attendance is essential for success at school, therefore regular and prompt attendance at all school appointments is expected of each student. Absences disrupt the continuity of the instructional process and often result in lowered student achievement.
It is the student's responsibility to see that they are present and on time in each of their classes throughout the day. If it is necessary for a student to be absent or late, parents/guardians are asked to phone the school office first thing in the morning on the date of the absence or tardy or submit a written note the day before. Excused absences will be granted for the following reasons:
1.       illness
2.       compassionate leave (sickness, death)
3.       medical appointment (when possible, we encourage medical appointments to be scheduled outside of school hours)
Parents/guardians who take their child(ren) out of class, for whatever reason, are responsible for collecting all the missed assignments when their child(ren) return(s). If a student has an unexcused absence, they will receive consideration by the teacher to assist them in covering the work that was missed. It may not always be possible to do this during class time. Remember that help received, if done during class time, would be at the expense of other students. Certain assignments may not lend themselves to being made up, ie. questions from a video that has been returned.
Teachers in general will not give out assignments prior to a student’s leaving. In special circumstances, a parent may put a request in writing which will be considered by the teaching staff.
Students from grades 5-9 must find out missed assignments from fellow classmates immediately upon return. Parents/guardians of students in grades 1-4 should expect to assist their child(ren) in collecting missed assignments immediately upon return to school. Parents/guardians should not come in to request the day’s assignments until 15 minutes after closing.
Students should arrive on time but not prior to 8:15 a.m. Any exceptions to this rule should be arranged in advance with the home room teacher. Students are expected to go directly home after dismissal each school day. The school will be closed a half hour after dismissal time.
Teacher supervision begins 15 minutes before school opens and ends 15 minutes after school closes. Parents/guardians who bring or pick up their child(ren), please do so within these times or make arrangements with the principal.
If a student should become ill during a school day, the parents/guardians will be notified so that the child may be picked up as soon as possible.

We believe that dependability and promptness to appointments is an extremely important life skill. For this reason, it is expected that students be at school on time each day and ready for each class to begin. Once the 8:30 a.m. bell has rung, students not in their classroom must go to the Office to receive a late slip before being admitted to class. 
CHCS is continuing to be a peanut-free environment due to severe health threats of several students. We appreciate your support as we attempt to make the school environment safe for all students.
Please follow the school calendar in planning your vacations (see “School Calendar Summary” on page 2). This will help the student gain the most from the education program and assist the teachers in planning their presentations.
Students should expect homework responsibilities, with the amount of homework depending upon the grade level of the student. Student homework will be regulated to ensure proper completion of the curriculum. When planning family activities we ask that parents/guardians and students consider homework responsibilities.
To help students get, and stay organized in their school assignments, each student from ECS to Grade 6 will be required to have a personal “Agenda Book” for homework. The school will provide the Agenda Book at the cost of $7.00 each to the student. (See “Other Fees”, 2d), page 6.) Junior High students can purchase their own agenda from elsewhere if they wish but they will be required to purchase the school handbook and calendar for $2.00. We ask parents/guardians to support their child(ren) in using these Agenda Books to help students develop positive and healthy study habits.
Work missed for illness or compassionate leave will be provided but not necessarily the same day. Please do not expect to get homework before school starts or immediately after school. Teachers are generally teaching all day long and may not have time to put homework together until after 3:30 p.m. Therefore, parents/guardians or students should not come in and request the day’s assignments until 15 minutes after school closing.
Parent-teacher conferences are essential for a successful school year. CHCS has parent-teacher conferences scheduled in November and again in March. We recommend that parents/guardians take advantage of this opportunity to become better acquainted with teachers and discover the methods used in the evaluation of their child(ren)'s school experiences.
Communication between teachers and parents/guardians is not limited just to these conferences. Parents/guardians are encouraged to communicate with teachers or administration anytime there is a question or concern. Appointments should be made in advance.
The success of the school year, to a large degree, depends on the relationship between the school personnel and parents/guardians. The staff of CHCS requests the support of parents/guardians in all school matters. If a child reports having a problem at school, parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the teacher to hear both sides of the story. Effective communication between home and school can solve many potential problems.

Students are to purchase school supplies according to the “Supply List” provided by their home room teacher. “Supply Lists” will be given to students with their final report card and/or when teachers do their home visits before school starts. New students may pick up a supply list any time at the school office or at the time of Registration.

School bus service is available to students in the Town of Lacombe and Rosedale Valley. Please make arrangements on Registration Day for bus passes if your child(ren) will be using the bus. No student will be allowed on the bus at any time without a bus pass or ticket. (See “School Bus Fees”, page 5.)
When mechanical failure or driver illness prevents the school bus from operating, it is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to arrange for transportation to and from school. Families will be notified by phone if the bus is not operating.
In the event of a blizzard, dense fog, or other inclement weather, the school follows the same bussing procedure as the schools in the Wolf Creek Regional Division and the Town of Lacombe schools. Please listen to Red Deer radio stations 105.5 FM or CKGY-95.5 FM or Lacombe radio station Sunny 94.1 as they will announce which schools will be closed and which busses will not be running.
All riders are asked to follow common sense safety rules when riding the bus. They are asked to not distract the driver by acting in any manner that will take the driver's attention away from the road. A complete set of bus behaviour rules is posted in the bus. Disregard of the posted rules may result in a bus-riding suspension or other disciplinary proceedings administered by the bus driver in consultation with the Principal, as needed. (see “Discipline” on page 10).

In the event of a blizzard, dense fog, or other inclement weather, the school follows the same school closure and bussing procedures as the schools in the Wolf Creek Regional Division (formerly the County of Lacombe) and the Town of Lacombe schools. Please listen to Red Deer radio stations 105.5 FM or CKGY-95.5 FM or Lacombe radio station Sunny 94.1 as they will announce which schools will be closed and which busses will not be running.

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