College Heights Christian School

Student Life
Principles of Christian conduct are upheld at CHCS. Honesty, courtesy, reverence, purity, and obedience are emphasized. It is understood that when applications are made for admission to the school, all students thereby pledge themselves to follow the regulations and to live in harmony with the ideals and policies of the school. Students are encouraged to practice the principles of Christian living by:
·           showing respect for God, the Bible, and the religious ideals of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
·           showing respect for self and others by refraining from:
­          the infliction of injury
­          insubordination (rebellion)
­          cheating, stealing, dishonesty
­          inappropriate association with members of the opposite sex
·           showing respect toward the property of the school and the property of others
·           using language that is free from profanity
·           attending school punctually and regularly
·           maintaining a cooperative attitude
·           seeking out constructive entertainment, recreation, and leisure time activities
·           bringing to school only those items required for regular school use and approved activities (items such as knives or weapons, matches/lighters, playing cards, occult objects, and obscene literature are not acceptable)
·           keeping electronic devices such as personal sound systems, cell phones and electronic games out of sight and out of use during the school hours of 8:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (teacher’s permission must be given for the use of electronic devices for school use)
·           refusing to possess or be under the influence of any mind-altering substance such as alcohol, tobacco, or non-medical drugs
·           having proper authorization before leaving school grounds or taking other students from the school grounds during school hours of 8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. (See “School Ground Leave”, page 10.)
·           refraining from the entry of locked facilities
·           refraining from the misuse of fire alarms or extinguishers
Students who demonstrate an unwillingness to cooperate in maintaining the school standards, including the support of the above principles, seriously jeopardize their privilege of continuing in school.
Harassment is any unwelcome physical or verbal behaviour. Harassment occurs when such conduct undermines another individual’s personal dignity by causing embarrassment, discomfort, humiliation or offence; or such conduct interferes with an individual’s work performance or learning opportunities by creating an intimidating or hostile work or learning environment.
The CHCS School Board is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Each individual has the right to work and to learn in a safe setting which promotes equality of opportunity and which prohibits discriminatory practices.
At CHCS we encourage students to choose clothing using the guidelines of neatness, modesty, cleanliness, healthfulness, and appropriateness. Clothing that meets the above guidelines is considered acceptable classroom attire. (Students may use shorts for physical education classes).
The following are not considered acceptable:
­          tattered clothing
­          messages or graphics displaying non-Christian values
­          tight-fitting clothing (such as spandex material)
­          shorts and skirts that are more than several inches above the knee
­          clothing where the midriff is exposed
­          immodest swimwear
­          sleeveless shirts, dresses, or blouses (for Sports Day and Beach Day, full shoulder sleeveless attire may be worn)

It is the prerogative of the faculty to interpret styles of dress and grooming consistent with the standards of the school. Those who violate these guidelines may be asked to return home to change or may be provided with alternate clothing for the day.

Because the school is an office-type work place for students, we request that students remove hats/caps when in the school. Hats/caps are acceptable in the gym and outside, and may be worn for Hat Day which is the last Thursday of each month.
Elementary students are asked to provide 2 pairs of shoes—one pair for outdoor use and one pair suitable for indoor and gym use.
The cooperation of parents/guardians in guiding their child(ren) in these areas is greatly appreciated.
In keeping with standards of modesty, ladies' graduation attire must receive approval by the graduation dress committee. The following guidelines should be followed:
·           shoulders are to be covered; however, sleeveless dresses may be worn if they are modest and fit snugly with shoulders totally covered
·           material should be opaque
·           length should be appropriate for classroom attire (considering the style of the skirt)
·           neckline (front and back) above armpit
·           tightness of the skirt should not cause discomfort when seated
·           since graduation is a school function, the jewellery and cosmetics policies are in effect
Guys are asked to wear dressier slacks that are not jeans.
CHCS requests that students maintain a natural, wholesome appearance.
Non-functional jewellery of any kind such as rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces should not be worn at school or at school functions. Students will be asked to remove any jewellery that they wear. Offenses to this policy require that items will be taken, receipted and stored for the rest of the school year. At the end of the school year, parents/guardians may pick up their students’ items.
Students are asked to leave gum at home.
1.       In the interest of student safety, throwing snowballs, rocks, or other dangerous objects is not allowed. A $5.00 fine will be levied for each offense.
2.       Tampering with thermostats is not allowed. A $5.00 fine will be levied for each offense.
3.       Unauthorized use of locked doors, windows or fire escape doors will result in a $5.00 fine.
4.       Removal of screens or going through windows or an emergency exit will result in a $5.00 fine.
5.       Any student using a skateboard, scooter or roller blades in the school or gym will result in a minimum $25.00 fine.
6.       Anyone tampering with safety equipment, fire extinguishers, or security apparatus will be charged a $50.00 fine.
7.       Any student hanging on the bars, nets or rims of the basketball equipment in the gym will be charged a fine of $50.00.


In the interest of student safety, students will not be allowed off CHCS school grounds during school hours (8:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.) unless the school has received written permission from a parent/guardian. Phone calls are not acceptable.
Unless the student is leaving to go home for lunch daily, a note will be expected for each leave. At the beginning of the school year, each student going home for lunch on a regular basis must bring a note from their parent/guardian indicating this fact.

A student is considered subject to school discipline from the time he leaves home going to school until the time he returns home after school, as well as at all school functions.
Parent/guardian cooperation is vital to the effective discipline of students. Close contact with parents/guardians when students are having behavioural problems forms a major part of our discipline policy.
Students have the right to be heard, to present their cases and to have reasons given to them. However, the teacher has the right to choose the appropriate time and place for this meeting.
A teacher may temporarily suspend a student from the classroom who is insubordinate or disruptive in class.
The principal may suspend a student from school for reasons such as gross insubordination, persistent violation of school regulations, or disruptive behaviour. Parents/guardians will be notified of such suspension and may be requested to appear at the school before the student is reinstated. Students who are suspended from school are barred from all school functions during the period of suspension. Parent/guardian cooperation is especially solicited in the implementation of this policy.
The school board has authority to expel a student. Such action is recorded in the student's permanent record.
Parents/guardians are urged to contact the student's teacher and/or principal whenever any disciplinary action is questioned. Should further clarification be required, parents/guardians may request a meeting with the discipline committee of the board.

When school regulations are not observed, one or more of the following procedures will be used:
a)       The student is removed from the problem situation to discuss the problem with the teacher or principal.
b)       The student is given an in-school suspension or an assignment to a constructive work project during free time to help dissipate excess energy.
c)       Staff members will discuss the problem with the child’s parents or guardians.

If the above procedures do not result in a change in the problem, one or more of the following procedures may be implemented:
a)       A parent or guardian may be asked to accompany the child to classes to observe and work with the school to find a solution to the problem.
b)       A creative, individual solution for the problem may be worked out in consultation with staff members, the student, parents or guardians, the CHCS Board Discipline Committee, and possibly a counsellor.
c)       The student may be assigned to complete his or her classwork in another classroom for one to three days.
If the above procedures are not effective in changing the problematic behaviour of the pupil, one or more of the following procedures will be implemented:
a)       The student is required to be absent from the school premises (suspension). A principal may suspend a student from one or more class periods, one or more courses or school programs, school, riding on a school bus, or participating in an activity sponsored or approved by the school. When an out of school suspension is implemented, the parents and discipline committee of the board are involved and notified.
b)       If no other solution can be found, expulsion may be implemented. The school board, upon receiving a written report from the principal, has the authority to reinstate or expel the student under suspension. Parents and students have a right to question and make representation prior to the final decision of the board. In the event of expulsion CHCS shall continue to be responsible for the student’s education. This could involve either an alternate program (ie. home schooling) or transferring funding to a new school.

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