College Heights Christian School

CHCS ROUNDUP May 29, 2008


A bi-weekly newsletter of College Heights Christian School
Volume XXI, No. 20

June 10th: 
Spring Concert @ 7:00pm
June 19th: Graduation @ 7:00pm
June 20th: Last Day of School - Dismissal @ 12:30pm

New Principal:

The CHCS Board has invited Russ Nielsen, our current Vice Principal, to serve as CHCS Principal beginning with the 2008/2009 school year. We are pleased to announce that he has accepted this position and we invite your support as this transition takes place.
Spring Musical Concert:
Please plan ahead for our Spring Musical Concert which will be held on Tuesday, June 10 starting at 7:00pm in the CHCS gym. Our choirs, bands, bell chime choir and signing class will all participate. Please save the date.
CHCS Grade 9 Graduation:
CHCS Grade 9 graduation exercises will be held on Thursday, June 19 at 7:00 pm in the school gym.  Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate with the Grade 9 students as they pass this important milestone in their lives.
College Heights Christian School
is seeking two
Junior High Teachers

beginning with the 2008 / 2009 school year who is competent in teaching most subjects (negotiable). The successful candidate will be capable of using brain—compatible teaching strategies. Training in HET (Highly Effective Teaching) or the willingness to train is essential. The successful candidate will have demonstrated the ability to work effectively as a team member.
Applications will be considered until suitable candidates are found.
For further information, please contact Isaac Zayachkowski (Ed. Supt.) at 342-5044 or e-mail to or Ellen Bell at 782-6212 or e-mail to
Parent Survey:
We would appreciate receiving the completed parent surveys which were mailed out with the parent information packet recently. We value your input and feedback. Please return the surveys to the CHCS office by June 6th. Thanks.
Library Books:
It’s time to collect our library books for the year. We are asking that students have all books returned to their teachers by June 6th. Students will be charged $10.00 for missing books, or the replacement cost of the book if it is over $10.00. Your cooperation in getting our books back is greatly appreciated.
Year-End Assembly Awards:
Our year-end awards assembly will be held on the last day of school on Friday, June 20 at 9:00 am. Academic awards, athletic awards, and a variety of other awards will be presented to students at that time. Parents and visitors are welcome to join us in the CHCS gym for this special closing assembly.
Lost & Found:
Parents, please come into the school and sort through the Lost & Found for any items that may belong to your children. Whatever is not taken home will be given to the Kid’s Corner in July. Thank you.
Grade 5 & 6 Outdoor School:
Grade 5 & 6 students have just completed a successful 3-day Outdoor School Program at Foothills Camp. They were able to learn many wonderful things from God’s Book of Nature.

I had a lot of fun at Outdoor School because I made 2 really good friends and I am going to keep in touch with them. I also had fun canoeing and learning about bees. The food was also very good. Our cabin was very warm and cozy. Everyone in our cabin was nice and considerate.                                                                                
Cailin Richards, Grade 5
In Marsh Monsters we had to look for all these weird looking creatures in the swamp. There were giant water beetles, frogs, minnows, tadpoles, and other cool stuff in the swamp area. I caught 2 giant frogs and there were small frogs and large frogs. Some of the frogs got away though. Some people fell in the water too (that was wet!)
~ Austin Domaschuk, Grade 6

Sports Day:
Thank you to everyone who donated their time and energy in making our Indoor Sports Day a success! It takes a lot of people to run such an event, and your help is very much appreciated. The students had a fun day and we are most thankful for Ron Schafer’s leadership in running a back-up Indoor Sports / Fun Day.
Gym Furnaces Fundraising Project:
Thanks to veryone who has already supported our latest fundraiser to replace the three gym furnaces. So far we have pledges and cash for just over $3200 which will replace one furnace. If you haven’t already done so, please consider assisting us in replacing the final two furnaces so that the heat in the gym can be consistent and adequate. We need a total of $10,000 for the purchase and installation of the three furnaces. Thanks
Please note that there will be no milk in June due to the many field trips this month. Thank you for your support throughout the year.

Beyond Borders:
Did you know that 18 of our Junior High students are being featured in the Dia Deo Art Gallery located in the Blackfalds Public Library? We have some very talented artists in our school and it is thanks to the initiative of   Stacey Hunter that this talent is being showcased. Please show your support and come by the library until June 2nd to see the exciting work of our very own students.
West Edmonton Mall Tickets:
We have Choice Passes to the West Edmonton Mall available to purchase. The tickets cost $17.00 and are good until October, 2008 and are open to everyone to buy on a first -come, first-serve basis.

Parent Awareness - Head Lice:

We would like parents to be aware of the fact that apparently one (or some ???) student (s) came to Sports Day last Thursday with head lice. It is very possible that others who were in contact could also be infested. We have attached information from the health nurse about how to check for and treat head lice if someone has it. In the school office, we have a file with additional information about treating head lice that parents can access if it is needed.

2008/2009 Admission Applications:
pplication forms for your child (ren) were mailed out recently. If you did not receive your information packet, please call the school office. We need the parents of all students who wish to attend CHCS next year to complete and return an application form to the school office by Monday, June 30th. 
Please note the following:
1) Registration Day will be held on Tuesday, August 26th from 12:00 noon—8:00 pm. (First day of school is Thursday, August 28th).
2) All parents / guardians and students are required to sign the back of their application form before the application form will be accepted at the office.
3) If you replied to the “Parent Survey” that you plan to return to CHCS for the 08 / 09 school year, this is not enough. An application form must also be completed.
Applications for new students may be picked up from the school office from 8:15 am-1:00 pm, and 2:30-4:00pm on Mondays—Thursdays. On Fridays, the application forms can be picked up from 8:15am-1:00pm. If you are aware of any new families moving into our community during the summer, have them call the school office at 782-6212.